Care and Maintenance of your Sculptural Glass Door

Following proper installation, and with the right care, your door will provide many years of beauty, pleasure and service.

Wood is a renewable, sustainable resource with wonderful properties that make it an ideal building product. Our woods are carefully selected and kiln dried. The drying process removes water through the wood pores which remain open until the wood is sealed and finished.

Proper sealing, finishing, and maintenance of the finish is the most important factor to the longevity of your fine wood door. Maintaining the integrity of the finish protects the wood from reabsorbing moisture, or in some climates, from further drying. At least once a year, inspect the finish for cracks, especially at the top and bottom edges of your door. Refinish as needed.

The finish will have a longer life and will require less maintenance if doors are not regularly exposed to direct sunlight and weathering. Penetrating stains, sealers, and an ultraviolet resistant exterior finish must be applied to protect the wood against the elements, as well as to bring out the natural beauty of wood grain.

To maintain your wood doors in top condition, treat your door as you would a piece of fine furniture. When cleaning is required, use soft, slightly damp cloth to wipe down the surfaces of the wood. For the glass, we recommend using a soft cloth or absorbent paper and a glass cleaner without ammonia. Never use any caustic or abrasive cleaners on the wood or the glass.

Because every exterior finish deteriorates due to weather, eventually the time will come when a fresh finish may be desired to restore the original luster of the door. The ability to easily maintain your fine entry door is an important feature and will allow your door to provide many years of beauty and service.

Prior to installation 

Before installing your Sculptural Glass Door, it is a good idea to allow the door time to reach equilibrium with its surroundings. On the job site, materials should be kept dry and indoors two or three days before installation. This allows the wood to adjust to relative humidity levels. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

If you order an unfinished door, the entire door, including top and bottom edges, must be completely sealed with a clear or pigmented sealer as soon as possible to prevent moisture absorption. All six sides of the door must be properly sealed for warranty to apply.

You should consult with your painting contractor or local dealer regarding the best quality products to achieve your desired look. They are familiar with your local environment and will be able to recommend the best performing materials for your particular installation.

Apply the final finish to the door immediately after fitting and hanging. The best practice is to hang the sealed and/or primed door, and then remove to properly apply the final finish to the door with the door in a horizontal position. A minimum of three coats is recommended. The finish must repel water. For exterior application, a high quality paint will generally provide the best protection.

All finishes will last longer when protected from direct sun and rain by an adequate overhang or porch.


We uncrated the front door today. What a thrill to see that piece of artwork in person. I am so excited that one can order off the internet and get just what is expected. Using a quality company is important. The door was exactly as pictured and beautiful. No problem with hanging it. I’m glad to have found your company. Highly recommended.

Thanks for the beautiful and well-made door. Our contractor was also very impressed with the quality – he said it installed and fit like a dream. We are very pleased, so thanks again!!