Front Door "Accord" Design

Client Remodel with “Accord” Design Door

Unfortunately, in spite of the presentation on this website, we are no longer accepting new orders for doors.

After 12 years in the entry door business, we have to reluctantly admit that our artisan based business model for direct sales to a national market is no longer practical. Escalating freight and crate costs have become an ever increasing percentage of the sales total with no real benefit to clients.

Along with that, an internet only storefront is just not the greatest fit for our particular high touch product. Our line of Sculptural Glass is best experienced up close and personal. Our doors need national distribution and will stand out in showrooms across the USA.

Our business has been a great success on the personal level. We want to build on the tremendous positive response and very high customer satisfaction we receive from clients who, frankly, took a chance and laid down some serious cash based only on an internet portal plus a few phone calls and emails.

We are now entering a transition period where we will endeavor to find the right situation to take our line of doors to the next level. We will seek national distribution through development agreements, manufacturing alliances, or whatever partnership or licensing arrangements the future may present.

We want to publicly thank and recognize all the great people at NorthStar WoodWorks, without whom our business venture would not have been possible. They put the Doors in Sculptural Glass Doors. We relied on their matchless quality and craftsmanship to be able to serve a national market through these last 12 years. We were never disappointed, not once.

And finally, we want to thank all of our clients who somehow found us on the internet and entrusted us to deliver a dramatic finishing touch to their most personal and important possession, their home. Their purchases required a leap of faith, especially in the early years when we were an unknown commodity. Being art, craft, and product focused, it came as a surprise to find how much we enjoyed our interactions with customers. Turns out it is fun learning about people’s dreams and goals for their homes, and it feels fulfilling to be able to offer helpful advice and expertise to help people achieve their dreams.

Now it is our turn to take a leap of faith, to leave the well known path behind in search of a greater future. Stay tuned. We hope to bring Sculptural Glass Doors to a specialty door and window dealer near you.