Shipping Information 

A note on shipping charges: In the past, our practice has been to offer flat rate shipping throughout the continental US. This usually entailed a small subsidy on our part. However, as our costs have risen all across the board, we are no longer able to offer flat rate shipping to all locations.

We continue to offer low cost flat rate shipping to most West Coast locations. Where we are able, we charge $295 for a single standard size door, $395 for a standard size double door entry. Pre-hang systems ordered with the doors are shipped with the doors at no additional charge. For locations where the flat rate does not apply, we will calculate Freight charges at the time of quotation.

Possible Freight Surcharges: If a liftgate is required for delivery, we must pass on the added freight company charges for this service, usually around $150. The liftgate option is recommended for residential delivery of double door crates.

All orders must be fully paid before they are released for shipment. We require a 50% non-refundable payment upon receipt of your order and collect the balance prior to shipment of the completed order.


Crating & Packing your door or door assembly is done with the utmost care. We custom build a wooden crate to fit your order. For standard size doors, we charge a flat $120 for a single door, or $150 per set of double doors, with or without pre-hang systems.

All goods are fully insured by the trucking company for 100% of value.

All items picked up F.O.B in Washington state or shipped within the state are subject to WA state sales tax.

Shipping such a large item was a nail-biter but his shipping company and the way the door was delicately and expertly packed and crafted was perfect! A wow!

Your company was great to deal with – great shipping job too. The sculptural glass door we installed is the finishing touch – both inside and out – for our remodel. Every person who comes to the door loves it and has never seen anything like it in a house. Of all the improvements, the door is by far the best thing we did.

glass door shipping crate

Shipping Crate for Door with KD Jamb