Our Rebate Offer:
You have to do some work for this, but it will be a fun activity if you choose to do it.  The Rebate amount is $25.00.

Here’s the deal: After your Sculptural Glass Doors are installed, preferably after you have lived with them for a while, but within 6 months from date of delivery, we would like you to take some photos of your doors in their new home and send them to us. Digital photos work best and if you are buying from this site, we’re betting you can handle a digital camera. Hard copies mailed via the Post Office work fine, too.

A minimum of 3 photos is required for the rebate, but don’t feel limited by that. Whatever pleases your eye is fine, but please allow us to suggest:

  • One “context” shot that shows the door(s) in their surroundings.
  • One semi-close “Reflection” shot, where your environment gets the Fun House Mirror treatment.
  • For remodel or replacement situations, before and after shots would be great.
  • We would really like it if at least one photo showed you, the owner, in portrait mode with your door making an appearance somewhere in the photo.

By submitting the photos, you agree to allow us to show any we might choose on our website. We would like to identify the photos with your initials and city/state, as in “R.B., Boca Raton, FL”. If you prefer to remain totally anonymous, we will, of course, respect your wishes.

That’s it. Three photos of your choosing, more if you like. Some part of the door in at least some part of the picture. Have fun, be creative, shake your arty money maker. Clearly, this is more of an Art Project Assignment than a conventional rebate offer. We appreciate your motivation to do this and we thank you for sharing your photos and for your spirit of participation.

We hope this will be a delightful activity for you and a way, through photography, to more closely experience the way light interacts with ClearCast Glass.

Photos should be in jpg or tiff format. Please send your photos to:
If you prefer hard copies, this might be a money losing proposition for you, but we will be happy to receive them at:

Sculptural Glass Doors Inc.
Photo Rebate Offer
P.O. Box 29226
Bellingham, WA 98228

We will send you a check for $25.00, along with our sincerest thanks, within 30 days of receipt of your photos.

Unity Church Doors

Unity Church Doors - Bellingham, WA