Once you have settled on a design, the next issue is color. Selecting a glass color to complement your home décor is an exciting way to personalize your Sculptural Glass Door. The beauty of glass is how it interacts and changes with light. Your Sculptural Glass Door will be affected by your light environment and your surroundings. You have a lot of design freedom in selecting a front door for your home because it is one area that should draw the eye, call attention to itself. – that’s part of its function.

Most of these colors are more correctly referred to as tints. The top row below shows glass samples laid flat on white paper. The second row shows the sample strip tilted up, getting just a bit of light bounce off of the white paper. The bottom row simulates the view out from an interior perspective, where the color effect can be quite subtle. ClearCast glass seems to accentuate the color on the exterior – the sculptural glass is activated by natural light and provides a much livelier presence than the flat effect seen below.

Your exterior house colors can be a major consideration for your choice of glass tint. Your particular locale – water, forest, mountain – might have an influence. For some, color is an emotional choice, the response is on a feeling level. Coordinate or contrast, there really are no rules. You are the Designer of your own home!

Color Samples




Notes On Our Glass Tints

Bronze glass brings warmth to an entryway. We love how it pairs with natural wood. Our bronze glass has a relatively high light transmittance, and is our default choice because it offers an optimum combination of functional and aesthetic qualities.

Gray is highly reflective for a good degree of daytime privacy, yet allows a lot of light to the interior. It has a touch of warmth to it and is a good all-around choice for any design.

Light Green has the highest light transmittance of these tints and can be a good alternative where clear glass might otherwise be chosen. That little extra touch of color can elevate the sculptural forms in any door design.

Emerald has a more pronounced green tone that seems to pair with Mahogany and Douglas Fir in a natural way. Emerald or Light Green are often chosen for our Flow design.

Some people seem to respond to Aqua on an instinctive level, almost irrespective of any other considerations. If you are one of those people, you will be happy with the richness of this jewel like color. Check for availability before ordering.

Sapphire Blue blends deep blue tones with a hint of gray, wonderfully reflective, certainly unique. Kind of a paradox, a strong color, yet quiet and refined.

In cases where maximizing light transmittance is not a priority, you might consider Onyx. This choice would be most similar to the photos in the Door Gallery. It is the best of the tints for visual privacy and for emphasizing the sculptural quality of the glass. Juicy!

Fully tempered insulating glass units are standard in all our doors. ClearCast™ Glass is the exterior face of the IGU, with a clear flat interior sheet. ClearCast glass is rated as a Safety Glass, meeting architectural safety standards ANSI Z97.1 and 16 CFR 1201 for tempered glass products.